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Entrevista de Tom welling Spoiler

el Miér Abr 27, 2011 9:33 am
Entrevista de radio que estuvo Tom welling Junto a su esposa

-"Smallville" star Tom Welling and his wife Jamie called into their friend Robert Dover's radio show on Tuesday afternoon to discuss life post-Clark Kent. Both Tom and Jamie were overwhelmed by the number of fans calling in to wish Tom a happy birthday - it was his 34th - some from places as far-reaching as Jordan and Australia.
"I don't think we realized it when we were in it," Jamie says, noting that fans from across the world send her Facebook messages in droves. "Now that we're settled and we can look back at those years, it's just incredible."
The fact that the show airs in so many countries has always impressed Tom. "I always wonder what my voice sounds like in other countries," he says.
"You've got a really sexy German accent Tom, don't worry," Jamie teases.
"Really?" he asks.

Though he never expected the show to have the decade-long impact it has had, Tom says that when the "Smallville" pilot was in production, they had a feeling that they had magic in their hands. "Early on I think that there were a lot of people who thought thatt we had something special," he says. "[Warner Bros. boss Peter Roth] was a big champion of ours. Even up until the last day of 10 seasons, everybody just really felt like they were connected, like we were a family. Even at the end, it's hard to believe it's actually come to an end."

Reflecting back on his time on the show, one particular day stands out to Tom. "I think when I was able to go to New York, when Christopher Reeve was on the show a few seasons back," he says. "That was the number one moment for me. He was only allowed by his doctors to work eight hours, but he wouldn't let them take him away from set, so he worked ten and a half hours that day. It was an incredible experience."
Looking forward, Clark still has a significant journey before the door closes on the "Smallville" chapter. So what's in store for Clark in these final episodes? Tom says that Clark's relationship with Lois (Erica Durance) may not turn out the way fans expect.

"In the season finale, we address the future between Clark and Lois. I think that what you'll see is that Clark is destined to be alone. It's the hero's burden," he says. Don't freak out, Clark/Lois shippers. "You'll see in the finale that of course, there is a future between Clark and Lois. It's how they get there that I think will be very entertaining."

Another huge part of the finale? Michael Rosenbaum is back as Lex Luthor.
"It's the worst kept secret in television history," Tom laughs. He won't spill much about the return, but he does say, "The scene between Clark and Lex is one of my favorites, for sure."
When asked about the "no flights, no tights" tagline that's been thrown around for several years -- implying that Welling would not be seen flying or wearing the Superman costume on "Smallville" -- Welling laughs. "It's funny that you asked that. I'm doing some press over the last few weeks... and I got an email from Warner Bros politely requesting that i not answer that question."

He does, however, give us some exciting hints:
"The final image of what you'll see at the end of 'Smallville'... makes me so proud and makes the hair on my arms stand up. It's something that people have wanted to see for a long time and it'll fulfill what they've been waiting for."

la entrevista la grabo Mariekent

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Re: Entrevista de Tom welling Spoiler

el Jue Abr 28, 2011 11:32 pm
Gracias por la entrevista interesante información Shocked

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